Gutman’s Cave

We travel to Gutman’s Cave in Latvia, an ancient site of pagan rituals where the water is said to have life-giving properties and the names of pagan pilgrims are etched all over the walls.


In Lithuania, the Romuva movement works to bring back practice of the country’s ancient pagan traditions. Scholarly debates and recreations of rituals piece together a culture lost to time, but how does this build into a religion for the modern day?

Hill of Crosses

On a rural hill in Lithuania, anonymous strangers have placed crosses for hundreds of years. Beginning with a single act of defiance, the hill of crosses has become a symbol of faith and freedom, surviving through countless wars and conflicts.

Capela Dos Ossos

In the small town of Evora stands a chapel built from human remains. The corpses and bones of the town residents make up the walls of the “Bone Chapel,” where the outside reads “We bones here, we are waiting for you.” This was built as a chapel for meditations on death, but can we use a similar place in the modern day?


In the city of Lisbon, the art of Fado puts a fundamental feeling of longing, Saudade, into music. Musicians fill the bars of the city every night, using guitars and their voices to tell stories of the Portuguese people, and Saudade.